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Monday, August 25, 2008

Bike accessory alert!

I realized something the other day; I can't wear both my camera bag and my CamelBak at the same time. And since I love to ride, I thought that I might take advantage of the weather to go take some pictures. I did not want to add a rack to my sweet ride, but the other day, I spotted this one in a small bike store in Ottawa:

Made by Axiom, the model is called the Journey, is offered in silver and black, in a four-bolt or quick-release version (QR), mounting to the seatpost rather than the bike frame! I find that the QR version is exactly what I've been looking for! Of course, this method of attachment does reduce the useful load to 15kg, which is still ample for my needs. With a small fitted bag to carry my gear, this would allow me to continue to carry my CamelBak while riding (I can't go back to regular water bottles now, I'm spoiled!)

After seeing the construction quality of this rack in person, as well as the very, very reasonable price (around $45CAN), I think I've been convinced to make a purchase.


  1. Hi Luminata, in a lot of cases for reviews, I use manufacturer provided images, unless I want to point out a specific problem I've encountered with something.

    Sorry about the delay in my response, as I have just become a new father, and that is becoming a full-time occupation! ;)