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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

100 things I love about my wife

A little while back, I read a list that someone put together about the things that they loved about their wife, and I thought I would do the same. Here goes:

  1. She loves me
  2. She gave me a wonderful son
  3. She is beautiful
  4. She is intelligent beyond most
  5. Her great sense of humor
  6. She tolerates my odd behaviors
  7. She is very patient
  8. She is a fantastic mother
  9. She cooks very well
  10. She makes me feel like I am better than I really am
  11. How proud I am to introduce her to other people
  12. Her great compassion
  13. Her attention to detail
  14. How she sings when she thinks she's alone
  15. The way she looks at me when she wakes up
  16. The fact that she did not know that Stevie Wonder was blind
  17. Or black
  18. She cries when she is happy
  19. Because she thinks that everyone she meets is as nice as she is
  20. How she says the word robot
  21. How she calls Lord of the Rings the walking movie
  22. The fact that she runs the water in the sink when she pees
  23. Because she worries about what I will think of her when she is sick
  24. The way she looked the day we got married
  25. The fact that she was 15 minutes late to our wedding and made me wait at the altar
  26. Because she has not left me because I didn't take her somewhere nice for our honeymoon
  27. The day she told me she was pregnant
  28. Her incredible artistic talent
  29. Because all my friends love her
  30. Because I am a better person because she thinks I'm a better person
  31. How she never remembers a movie she's seen
  32. She thinks I'm sexy
  33. She never judges me
  34. She snuggles nicely
  35. She enjoys having deep conversations
  36. Her appetite for chocolate
  37. And mayonnaise
  38. Her great sense of fashion
  39. The fact that she has kept all of our sons clothes since he was born, hidden in garbage bags
  40. That she thinks I'm funny
  41. That I actually make her laugh
  42. That she finds the same things funny as I do
  43. That she gets jealous about other women
  44. That she has kept every little scrap and note I've left her
  45. That she supports all of my dreams
  46. That she still blushes when I whistle at her
  47. She skips when she is happy
  48. She thinks that Peter Sellers and Bill Murray are funny
  49. She gets very competitive when she plays games
  50. She is completely faithful and expects the same
  51. Sometimes she cries when she thinks about our little boy
  52. She smiles when she sleeps and she doesn't know
  53. She is gracious
  54. She was born in the wrong century
  55. When she gives me money, it's always in an envelope, like a payoff
  56. She is elegant
  57. Her imagination is incredibly funny
  58. She meows when I squeeze her in a bear hug
  59. Because she still believes that men should be men and women should be women
  60. The way she wags her eyebrows at me
  61. Her hilarious dirty frenchman accent
  62. The fact that she has four pairs of glasses and hates wearing any of them
  63. How easily she understands the most complex subjects
  64. Her willingness to try new things
  65. The fact that she forces herself to try things she did not like again, hoping she might learn to like them
  66. The way she never notices that most men stare at her when they see her
  67. That she still married me after our first date ended in a car accident
  68. Because she loves science fiction
  69. Her obsessive need to achieve perfection in everything she does
  70. The fact that she never folds her underwear
  71. Her drive to improve herself
  72. Her dedication to her family
  73. She always needs covers, even in the middle of summer
  74. She is always cold, even though she is from Siberia
  75. That she accepts from others what she would not accept from herself
  76. That she finds our son better looking than me
  77. Her beautiful blue-green eyes
  78. She kisses me every time I leave, even if it's for five minutes
  79. She thinks "that's what she said" is funny
  80. The fact that she can create a card from scratch in 5 minutes
  81. How sensitive she is
  82. How she comforts me when I continue to fail her
  83. How I trust her more than anyone else I've ever known
  84. How safe she makes me feel
  85. That she laughs at my wordy humour
  86. How she is always the prettiest woman in the room
  87. That it takes her ten minutes to get out of bed in the morning
  88. That she can't get ready in less than 20 minutes
  89. How brave she was during the birth of our son
  90. The fact that she hurt herself kneeing me in the jaw, and was more upset about hurting herself than potentially hurting me
  91. That she puts up with the fact that I like to tickle her
  92. She wakes me up when I snore
  93. That she can tell if I lie, all the time
  94. She never puts on too much makeup
  95. She looks fantastic naked
  96. She thinks that the toilet paper should unroll correctly
  97. She puts up with the fact that I speak too loud, too often
  98. She tells me that she will miss me, even before I leave
  99. She doesn't complain if I don't shave every day
  100. I love her

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