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Friday, March 4, 2011

Time for a new phone...

I know that smartphones are all the rage and as a dedicated Apple user, it would seem that the iPhone is the device to get, but it's just not doing it for me... I know that the device is great and that's not really the issue. The real problem are the providers and the exhorbitant fees they charge for iPhone packages. I just can't justify that kind of price point for unlimited service, let alone services with so many limitations. As I began to browse through the different canadian providers websites in search of a new phone, I could not help but notice that almost every device available are touch-screen, iPhone-clone smartphones. Where are the plain, regular phones?

Well, Rogers has decided to keep a few of these devices for the "old folks" like me. One of these really caught my eye and after doing a little research, I decided that this would be my next phone: the Nokia 6700 Slide.

I am partial to stick-type phones and although a slider, I still consider this one to be in the same category. What really sold me was the construction quality though; all metal body and very stiff sliding mechanism lend a feeling of durability to this phone. One of my main gripes with "smartphones" is the massive size of the device and the relative fragility of their screens. I know very few people who have not dropped their mobile phone at least once in their lifetime and I would like to know that my mobile will survive the inevitable drop and rigors of daily life.

Although not the only phone to contani a camera (trying to find a camera-less mobile phone today is a virtual impossibility), at least, the one included with this one is quite good. You have to give Nokia some points for trying to benefit from the associated quality of Carl Zeiss lenses by including a CZ-designed and manufactured lens with this device.

I will update this post with my impressions once I get to use the device regularly.

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