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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

A short delay, now 7 days and counting...

We found out yesterday that our flight would not be on June 5th, as originally planned, but on June 6th instead; a little booking problem, but it was quickly resolved. I hope to get the exact travel details today, including itinerary, flight details and number, as well as the hotel confirmation, which would really help put my mind at ease! I think that these kinds of details need to be worked out as far in advance as possible, so as to prevent this type of last minute stress. I have to pick up my new passport today at the local passport office, and then head over to the Indian Consulate for my Visa application. I was happy to find out that Indian Visas take only a single day to process and emit, which is a nice change from some other, more bureaucratic cultures! The only inconvenience is that the transaction fees are cash only! Fortunately, the bank is right next door to the passport office!

I will add more this evening, once everything has been done, and leave some information on the whole process of getting the visa.

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