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Friday, June 12, 2009

My strange index card obsession...

I know what you might be thinking... This guy needs medical attention and he needs it soon. Well, stay with me for a second and you'll understand why I am so enamoured by these little jewels. First of all, I think I can safely assume that most people have seen an index card before (thanks to Lifehacker for the use of the image.):

The lowly index card has a million and one uses and qualities that make including but not limited to the following reasons:

- Convenient size for notes
- Easy to carry
- Easy to sort
- Easy to view
- Lightweight
- Two-sided
- Burn well
- Can be used to create all sorts of complex shapes
- Makes excellent bookmarks for all sizes of books
- Useful as a flash reflector
- Easily available
- Simple to store
- Non-magnetic
- Non-conductive
- Easy to hide
- Makes a convenient coaster
- Cheap
- Can be used as a DIY postcard
- The DIY Planner
- Endlessly customizable

As you can see, I've put a lot of thought into notecards, and make use of them every day. I always keep a small stash on hand and have taken to leaving small stacks of them in the oddest places, in case inspiration strikes.

For more options and accessories related to notecards, take a look at Levenger, a fantastic online store.

1 comment:

  1. My boyfriend is an index card freak too! He has to write everything down on them . Like grocery lists, to do lists, any thing that would require you too remember something he puts on his little index cards!He is a fabulous cook and even has all his wonderful receipes on them as well! You name it hes put it on an index card! Thank goodness this isnt classified as a disease anywere yet that i could find on the web! LOL But even if it is or in years too come we atleast know for now this doesnt require a doctor!