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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pick of the week: Wil Wheaton.Net in Exile

As I've mentionned before, and to those who already know me, I freely admit the following: I am a huge Star Trek fan! Well, interestingly enough, one of the most criticized and badly scripted characters in The Next Generation series, was young Ensign Wesley Crusher, played by actor Wil Wheaton:

And after watching every episode of TNG, I can safely say that the writers apparently really didn't like his character! For those who are not fans of the show, and even for those who are, Wheaton is really a fantastic guy, and a fellow geek to boot! He is an accomplished author, with several books to his name (including Just A Geek, pictured above, as well as The Happiest Days Of Our Lives, Sunken Treasure and Dancing Barefoot) and has maintained an active web presence for years now. He has also continued his active participation in conventions, both for science-fiction and RPG games.

His current blog, Wil in Exile is usually updated on a daily basis and is truly an entertaining and often thought provoking read. I am not a fan of his acting, but I am a great fan of his honest and witty views on the film and television industry, the importance of life's true priorities, and a good game of D&D!

Well worth taking a look!

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