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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Book review: The Wedding Photographer's Planner

As my wife's photo studio, Photo Pulse, offers wedding photography, she continues to research the topic in order to remain on top in this very competitive field. Not very long ago, she came home with a great book by Kenny Kim, called The Wedding Photographer's Planner. I have had the opportunity to read this excellent book from cover to cover and can easily recommend it to any professional wedding photographer, as well as anyone interested in moving into this field.

The book is well broken down, the photography is both beautiful and original and the reference sections alone are worth the price of the book. Although some of the chapters concentrate on the proper use of equipment, rarely an issue for most professionals, the bulk of the book concentrates on the elements that are particular to wedding photos.

Kim offers some interesting ideas and suggestions and includes many tips derived from years of experience in the field. This information is worth its weight in gold, in my opinion and can only be a benefit to anyone involved in weddings.

A great addition to our (and perhaps your) photography reference library.

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