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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Online Tools review: Kukuklok

I've noticed something strange in the last couple years; with access to cellphones, many people have decided to stop wearing the traditional wristwatch. Not that this is a problem in itself (although a paranoid portion of my mind keeps wondering if the cellphone networks' time is actually accurate, you know.... Not beyond the scope of reason to imagine that "longer" days and "shorter" nights might actually be of benefit for many corporations) but it has also led to a lot of people losing access to a common wristwatch function, the alarm.

I know that as an avid and hardcore computer user, I have fallen asleep at the keyboard more often that I care to remember. Well, Kukuklok to the rescue. An online alarm, easy to set and use and will work even if your Internet connection fails. The only requirement is to keep the page open and that is easy to do with today's tabbed browsers.

Even if you don't fall asleep at the computer, you can always use it as a kitchen timer!

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