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Friday, June 2, 2006

My itinerary...

So today is the last day I go to work until I leave on Tuesday; I have a fairly full schedule today, with two meetings this morning before I have to give a presentation in the afternoon. The guys from the team and I also thought that it might be nice to go for a couple drinks, and have a last minute chat... As I received my itinerary yesterday, I thought that I would also share some details about that, so here goes:

Ottawa to Toronto: Leave at 16h00 and arrive at 17h05

Toronto to Frankfurt: Leave at 18h10 and arrive the next day, 7h35

Frankfurt to Chennai: Leave at 11h30 and arrive at 23h45

Total travel time = 26 hours!!!

Should be an interesting experience, to say the least! As I had mentionned previously, I went to pick up my Visa on Wednesday afternoon; picking up the Visa took all of five minutes. Unfortunately, it was not exactly a great day, as we also found out that our preparation week had been removed from the schedule; this will make things a lot more difficult, but not necessarily impossible. Roll with the punches, as they say!

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