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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

We have arrived in Frankfurt...

Just to let everyone know, we have arrived in Frankfurt... We had a pretty uneventful flight, and we have a couple of hours before the next one!

The Business Class lounge has a number of interesting amenities, such as on tap beer and unlimited gummy bears!?:

I also realised that I had not taken a picture of myself since we left, so here is one, 13 hours into our trip and about to leave Frankfurt:

Since we couldn't get a clear view of the plane that would take us to Chennai, I snapped a picture of this other 747-400, just like ours, as we were about to leave:

I also got the chance to snap a couple of pictures as we were about to take off:

We had really clear weather when we left Germany, so I snapped a couple pictures of Frankfurt and the German countryside:

I also took this particular picture for Nathalie, as I thought she might enjoy the view from the level of the clouds:

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