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Sunday, June 4, 2006

Some luggage details...

I found out that one of the airlines we will be flying has different limitations for luggage; Air Canada, which we take for the first leg of our journey, has a limit of 3 pieces of luggage, with a maximum weight of 70lbs. a piece, while Lufthansa, which we take for the second lef of our journey, has a limit of 2 pieces of luggage, with a maximum weight of 70lbs. I had planned on having two carry-on baggage and one piece of luggage, my big rolling duffle. But I took the precaution of packing my regular duffle bag, just in case I bring some things back from my trip (such as some of the equipment we sent ahead of us, or perhaps a boatload of knick knacks for people back home. Although I have received no special request, I know a few people that would probably enjoy a little souvenir!

While on the subject of luggage, I picked up a Fast Track Rolling Duffle from Mountain Equipment Coop; here's a picture from their site:

I have to point out that this was a gift from my dad and his girlfriend, for my birthday. This was the bag that I had selected and that fit all of my specific criteria (and being bloody difficult, my criteria can be pretty specific). I highly recommend it currently, just for the excellent quality of construction. I have yet to travel with it, but I think that my little trip will really put this bag through its paces. I picked the 120 litre size, to leave ample room for anything I might want to fit in there; trust me, there is enough space in there to fit more than I could possibly carry or drag. I am planning on packing today, and get that out of the way first and getting a feel for the weight and volume of the bag. Then I will simply have to concern myself with the last minute details of the trip. I will make sure to add some more information before I leave...

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