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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Micro Homes: 2+ Weekend House

There's just something about really small homes that really sets my imagination off! And this one really combines two aspects that I really like: micro homes and shipping containers.

Created by the architect Jure Kotnik, the 2+ Weekend Home is a simple, two shipping container micro home designed to be set up quickly and effectively. Contrary to many homes designed with shipping containers, the ones used in this design were specifically manufactured for this home rather than recycled from a freight company.

The layout is simple and tasteful, with enough room for a couple of people to live quite well:

A thoughtful balcony has been added, accessible from the second floor, as well as front and rear decks at ground level.

A nice effort to get the housing manufacturing sector to begin the process of mass producing these great little homes!

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    Wow - such an excellent job. The home looks so comfortable. I really like all the heated wooden home furniture.