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Friday, February 4, 2011

Update on Apple's latest interface device

After writing about Apple's Magic Trackpad, I decided that it might make a pretty decent Christmas gift for my wife and so, I headed over to our local Apple store to purchase one.

Sadly, on Christmas day, we discovered that the multitouch functionality of the Magic Trackpad is only enabled on Apple computers running OS 10.6.4 and above, which meant that my wife's iMac would need an OS update additionally.

Never one to refuse a trip to the Apple store, I purchased a copy of Snow Leopard and returned home. A quick, painless installation later, we plugged in the Magic Trackpad and as the name implies, it "magically" worked! The first thing we both noticed is how absolutely quiet computer use can become using this device instead of a mouse. No more dragging sounds, no more scrolling sounds, no more clicking sound. Period.

The multitouch functionality is a great addition, allowing the user to perform a number of common actions easily. The various possibilities include:

It's a neat addition to the way that you use a computer, although I have to admit that it does take a little getting used to, but I think that really is a question of how ingrained your computer interface habits are in you. But I find that the gestures tend to be natural motions to perform and shouldn't really pose a problem to anyone. Worth checking out the next time you're near an Apple store.

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