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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

A new camera bag

Although I originally purchased a camera bag for my wife, I have to admit that it was not the greatest bag ever made. I'm not trying to say I got her a cheap bag (perish the thought!) but I've always thought that bag selection was truly a personal thing. There is no such thing as the perfect bag for everyone and armed with this thought in mind, I decided to shop around for a new bag for her. I headed over to Vistek, in Ottawa to browse through their pretty impressive selection.

One of the options my wife had commented on in a positive manner, at least with regards to my own camera bag, was the correct orientation of the bag's opening when worn as a sling. We both agree that any type of sling bag should be able to rotate from back to front, with the bag's open end facing up. I looked through the various sling bags that were available and eventually settled on a Kata Bags DT-213.

Although not strictly a sling bag in the traditional sense (it's designed as a torso bag to begin with, but that does not prevent it from being worn as a sling), it performs remarkably well in this regard. Very solid construction, from fabric cut and selection, to stitching and fininishing, lend this bag a very professional feel. Some thoughtful details, like the yellow lining material, which lets you see to the bottom of the bag for those lost accessories, really set this manufacturer apart from many others in the same field.

Since I gave it to my wife for Christmas, she hasn't had a chance to use it to its full potential yet, but I have absolutely no doubt that it will make more than a worthy replacement for that first bag!

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