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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Aliph Jawbone Era bluetooth headset

For the first time since I've started using mobile phones regularly, I decided to get a BlueTooth headset. To be honest, I've always laughed a little on the inside when i saw someone using one of these gadgets. Yet, I've used telephone headsets at work for more than 15 years now. I did a little research and discovered that two companies really seem to be leading this industry: Aliph and BlueAnt. 
After learning more about the specific features of each device, and reading several reviews I settled on the Aliph Jawbone Era.
I think that i made the right choice; I have been blown away by several features of this great headset.
Aliph markets their headsets as the first "intelligent" devices in this category. What they imply by this is the capacity to incorporate apps within the headset, apps that provide added features to the user. And I found the approach brilliant; download and install the software, plug in the headset through USB and navigate to the MyTalk website. After creating an account and logging in, the headset is automatically recognized and apps, voices and advanced features can all be configured and uploaded to the headset!
Another first is the addition of an accelerometer which allows the user to use various gestures to control the headset. A simple double-tap and calls are answered and another double-tap hangs up (yes, very mich like a communicator is Star Trek!) 
The built-in voice prompts also help to make this a truly handsfree solution; incredibly,as I mentioned previously, it is also possible to update the voice to one of several choices, as well as voices in several other languages!
The headset is not the smallest made but at a little over 8g, it's barely noticeable. Aliph provides several fitting options as well as an ear loop for hard to fit users. Charging the headset is done through a micro-USB port on the earpiece end of the device.
Pairing the headset to a Bluetooth device couldn't be easier. Just give the headset a double shake-shake and it enters pairing mode. Alternatively, press the single button while turning the headset on to do the same. The Era supports up to 8 pairings and can also switch between two active devices.
Overall, I feel that the Era is entirely worth its price and provides outstanding quality and features and I'm sure you will feel the same way!

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