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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Sony Experia Mini Pro

I had been in the market for a new mobile for a while but simply could not find any device that "tickled my fancy" so to speak! The current trend in smartphones has left most mobile users with one of three choices: an oversized iPhone clone, with dual processor, 3D displays and no battery life, a Blackbery model of one kind or another and whY I like to call the "relics", those few devices that could be considered practically ancient in this fast moving industry. 
Then I set my eyes on the new Sony Xperia Mini Pro and found the device I had been looking for all this time! 
Finally, a smartphone in a smaller form factor and a slide out QWERTY keyboard!
This is the second generation of Sony's Mini Pro and it has received numerous updates. Powered by a 1gHz processor, the Mini Pro also runs the latest Android OS (Gingerbread) and offers the standard bells and whistles, including HD still and video camera, GPS, capacitive multitouch-capable screen and removable battery (a feature sorely lacking in most smartphones!)
Sony, the old masters of the proprietary technology, seem to have embraced a number of standards, specifically the use of mini USB for charging and a 3.5mm headphone jack, as well as support for the most common media formats for sound and videos!
The form factor really sets this phone apart from the rest, as it can truly be used with one hand if required. The use of haptic feedback on touchscreen keyboards one-ups Apple in this department! A short vibration to confirm each keystroke is simple genius!
A great mobile so far, but I will be sure to update this article once I've had a chance to use it a little more!

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