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Monday, September 19, 2011

Pick of the week: Instapaper

This week's Pick of the week is a bit of a cheat, as it is a website, but an app for the iPhone/iPod Touch as well and these two work hand in hand to help you get more stuff read. I'm talking about Instapaper and if you haven't heard about it, head over right now and take a look.

It's a simple tool really; create your Instapaper account, put a bookmark in your browser and when you find a page that you would like to read, but find too yourself short on time, just select that bookmark and the page is automatically parsed, stripped of extra elements, formatted and saved to your Instapaper account, instantly available to read from the website or on your device.

I don't mind adding that the reading experience of this app is probably one of the best out there and several more "commercial" offerings might learn a thing or two here. Some of the features provided truly demonstrates the creator's interest in reading. From a tilt-scrolling mode (brilliant!) to a great night reading mode (a simple but elegant contrast reversal mode), this app is reader's delight!

Head over to Instapaper right now and read more today!

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