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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Philips Nose & Ear trimmer

I know, I'm actually getting to that age where I can safely say that I need to trim nose hair on a regular basis! I figure it's one of those things that fathers casually forget to point out to their growing boys... "One day son, hair will be growing faster out of your nostrils and ears than on top of your head!"

After trying to figure out how I could do the job with a pair of scissors without the amateur lobotomy it promised, I looked around for a better solution. There is just something a little scary about the rotary cutters I'd seen in several shops. No way I'm sticking THAT up my nose! Then I found the Philips Nose & Ear trimmer.
This trimmer is powered by a single AA battery, is fully waterproof and designed for safety. The head is designed to only allow hairs to fit into the cutters.

Having used this great little trimmer for the last couple weeks, I can tell you from personal experience that it is painless, quick and very effective. Laugh all you want, gentlemen, but pick this one up when no one is looking and save yourself the home neurosurgery!

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