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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Goodfella Safety Razor

I've decided to switch to a more classic method of shaving, in the hope of finding once and for all, the perfect shaving method! You might think I'm a little daft to be thinking of something like this, but let me tell you that any activity to which I will dedicate almost 175 complete days to over my lifetime (yes, that's 10 minutes a day for 70 years, assuming I live to be 85!) should be done well! I purchased a Goodfella DE Safety razor in chrome.
The Goodfella is made by hand in New Zealand and is extremely well constructed of high quality material. The stainless steel handle is machined while the head is cast and finished. It is smaller than would appear in pictures, with a handle diameter of 10mm and a total handle length of 70mm. But it's weight of 57g (almost 2oz.) is heavier than expected and provides a well balanced shaving instrument. The head is an open comb design, which is usually not recommended for beginners, but this specific model provides a very gentle shave.

As with any DE razor, all you need to do is take a little more time shaving, but in exchange, you get a much better shave with far less irritation, at a much lower total cost. The last point is not lost on many men, I am sure! Some of these fancy 5 blade (and I am expecting a six blade design any time now!) cartridges cost a bloody fortune; incidentally, I learned the other day that razor blade cartridges are the most shoplifted item in North America!!

The razor arrived with a package of 5 Derby Extra blades, which is a nice touch! These blades have been extensively tested by the manufacturer as an excellent match for the shaving action of this razor.
I've got a selection of blades that I will be using with this razor and will report on my research in the near future. The Goodfella DE Safety razor is a well crafted piece of gear and provides a clean, satisfying shave! Well worth every penny!

On a separate note, I made my purchase through Fendrihan, who provided excellent service and quick delivery apart from the fact that they have an extremely extensive inventory of razors, brushes, soaps, accessories and more. Worth visiting!


  1. Thank you for taking the time to write a blog post about my safety razor. It makes me feel very proud to read what you have to say and you touch on some of the reasons why I made the decision to design a razor in the first place. Long may you enjoy your daily shave.
    Best Regards,

  2. Switching to moving to a safety razor was one of the best moves I ever made. Try the Proraso Italian shaving cream with eucalyptus. It comes in a tube...that stuff leaves your face feeling great.

  3. Thanks for this post. I love the way you describe about safety razor in this post. I read your whole post and now I love to shaving with a safety razor.