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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Online Tools review: Poistr

One of the sci-fi concepts that's often appealed to me is the idea of "augmented reality", which in essence is simply a layer of information data overlaid on a real-time image. The most obvious application of this technology has currently been military, as can be seen in most modern fighter jet HUD, such as the image of an F16 HUD below.

There has been some progress in the civilian world, especially in the automotive industry, where some manufacturers have taken to providing HUD options in some of the higher end vehicles. But progress has been delayed as various lobbying groups put pressure on governments to study this technology further.

On another front though, the mobile communication industry is set to begin more widespread use of "Augmented Reality" through the use of more and more powerful smartphones and their ever-present cameras. And sites like Poistr are set to ride this wave, but making it easy for anyone to create "layers" of data information that can be assigned over a real-time view and shared with the world. Available for iPhone/iPod Touch and Android, the Augmented Reality Browser allows users to view these layers in real-time. Currently in beta, Poistr offers ease of use, a concept that I believe is key in the widespread use of this technology.

A brilliant concept in my opinion! Visit Poistr now and start creating your own augmented reality!

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